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Mamont Flasche steht auf einem Stein in einem Fluss, daneben steht ein eingeschenktes Glas
Mamont Vodka – #Choose Adventure

Mamont Vodka

Mamont Vodka is a tribute to two spectacular adventures to the end of the world. Twelve brave men survived extreme cold and hardship only with the help of vodka and their shared dream of discovering the last secrets of the eternal ice. Mamont Vodka is produced in Russia’s oldest distillery, founded in 1868, on the banks of the Itkul River at the foot of the imposing Altai Mountains. It is the last distillery in Russia to use only malted grain for alcohol production.

Mamont Vodka is distilled from winter wheat, distilled 6 times, blended with glacier water and filtered through charcoal, the vodka has a silky texture and crystal-clear perfection.

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Cocktail ideas

Mamont Skinny Bitch Rezept gemix, mit einer Flasche Mamont Vodka und Thomas Henry

Mamont Skinny Bitch

  • 4cl Mamont Vodka
  • top up with Thomas Henry Soda
  • garnish with slice of lemon and mint

Pour Mamont Vodka and soda into a long drink glass with ice cubes. Garnish with mint and a slice of lemon.

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