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Gurktaler Alpenkäuter undGurtaler Alpen Aperitif sind mittig im Banner platziert, im Hintergrund sitzen ein Mann und eine Frau im Steg im sommerlichen Setting
The fresh Alpine herb treat

Gurktaler Alpenkräuter

Austria’s leading brand of herbal spirits stands for the natural enjoyment of herbs from the Gurk Valley in Carinthia. Nestled in the Gurktal Alps, the Gurktal is one of the most beautiful high valleys in Carinthia and offers ideal conditions for growing Gurktaler herbs. The addition of fresh herbs and the low alcohol content make Gurktaler products unique and popular.

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Eine Flasche Gurktaler der Milde in der Mitte auf einem Stein umgegben von Kräuterbüschen
Gurktaler Alpenkäuter der Milde 0,7L Flasche

Gurktaler Der Milde Alpenkräuter

Gurktaler Der Milde owes its mild flavour to the finely balanced composition of selected herbs. The addition of fresh herbs from the Gurk Valley sets it apart from other semi-sweet ones.

Gurktaler Alpen Aperitif 0,7L Flasche

Gurktaler Alpen-Aperitif

Gurktaler Alpine herbs meet fruity sea buckthorn. Gurktaler Alpne-Aperitif has a beautiful orange colour and a delicious aroma of orange, tangerine and apricot. It can be mixed in a variety of ways and is also delicious on the rocks.

Gurktaler Alpenspritz

Gurktaler Alpen-Spritz can

The new Spritz can from Austria – the fresh alpine delight! At just 4.5%, Gurktaler Alpen-Spritz is perfect for a refreshing drink on the go.

Cocktail ideas

Gurktaler Sour zubreitet in zwei Gläser, stehen am Tisch, Flasche im Hintergrund

Gurktaler Sour

  • 4cl Gurktaler Der Milde Alpenkräuter
  • 1cl fresh lemon juice
  • 2cl fresh orange juice
  • ice cubes
  • slice of lemon or orange

Pour all the ingredients into a tumbler filled with ice and stir briefly.

Gurktaler Alpen Spritz zubereitet in zwei Weingläsern, daneben steht eine Flasche Gurktaler Alpen Aperitif


  • 4 cl Gurktaler Alpen-Aperitif
  • sparkling wine/Prosecco
  • dash of soda
  • ice cubes
  • slice of orange

Served in a wine glass with plenty of ice cubes, top up 4 cl Gurktaler Alpen-Aperitif with a dash of soda and sparkling wine/Prosecco, stir briefly and garnish with half a slice of orange.

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